Website Design

website exampleWebsite design is not always simple, but when it comes to building a website for a business, there is a formula for success. A business website is not just a brochure that you set on the counter of your favorite coffee shop, a business card that you push into the hands of a fellow networker, or even a shirt with your phone number printed on it. A website does not just sit around and wait for someone to see it, it doesn’t get seen and never tell you, and it does not cause a customer to come your way without you knowing.


A website built correctly is a sophisticated business tool that can attract leads on autopilot, it can educate a potential client, entertain them, and convert them from semi-interested casual browsers and into invested and excited clients and customers! A website built right with the proper planning, execution, and followup can make your business. A website is not a solid brick and mortar building, and while that solid building can house a business, when it grows, the building stays the same size. A website scales with the growth of your business. Your building can house 100 people, and your website can as well. But as your business grows and that group of 100 becomes 1,000 or even 10,000, your building overflows and grinds to a halt, but your website keeps ticking along, accepting, training, educating, converting, and selling to anyone of those thousands that stops by.


Not every new business needs one of these multi-page e-commerce master sites to start their foray into the world wide web. Most new businesses are on a shoestring budget as it is, and marketing and building an online property is one of the few things they feel like that can afford to expense. That being said, if you’re a wise owner of this new business you know that you need a presence in the online world to remain relevant. Most people won’t give a business a second thought if they can’t find it’s website. Mainly because it’s hard to take a business seriously in the 21st century when you can’t find them on Google.


We have a great solution to help you, whether your business is big or small, we can build you a website that will make your business money because we know how to make a website that will capture the information of your potential clients, thus making them a lead for you to follow up with. We can start with a one-pager that gets them in contact with you, and as your business grows and your need for a more sophisticated solution becomes necessary we can help you make the transition from the one page stop to the fully fleshed out e-commerce solution, online training school, digital community, or really anything you need as your enterprise grows.


Websites and businesses grow and evolve to suit the needs of their owners, and in the process they can take many different forms. We have worked with many businesses as their websites have grown to ensure that their websites continue to do what they are suppose to do, work for you. So as we’ve said several time, if you are just getting started or are already running at full steam ahead, we are ready to meet you where you are at and give you the right tool for your business.


Website Design Pricing

We have a very simple pricing structure. A one page website is $399.95. Each additional page is $199.95. When you get up to ten pages, you may want to call for a quote and especially on complex or e-commerce type of websites. The main thing to keep in mind is all the data that goes on our $199.95 page would have to fit on an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper, otherwise, the additional content would be an additional price to code for you. Hosting is a flat fee per year, $240 and includes up to 8 email accounts.

Things to consider when building a website:

  1. Focus on the top three services you offer, and/or the top products you sell.
  2. Keep it simple. Write content that is concise and explains what you do in 3 sentences or less.
  3. Photos: Less is more, you should keep your amount of photos to two – four per page.
  4. Content on the page should only be about THAT service or product (per page)
  5. Remember to include a contact us page. People need to know how to reach you!
  6. Show your best work! Make sure your photos are as perfect in color and clarity as possible.
  7. Make your site easy to navigate!
  8. Know who you are trying to reach: Who is going to buy your product and why? Sell to those people in photos and words.
  9. About us pages: Help the potential customer to learn about you.
  10. Remember key words and phrases. Learn about SEO and ways to promote your website once it is built.
  11. Mobile websites are important to build at the same time your build your website. We offer a mobile website for $399.95

General Information:

There are three components to every website you visit:

  1. The Name: which is referred to as the URL. This is a small fee paid once per year or in any increments of years up to 10. We charge $25.00 per year.
  2. The Design: building the site and connecting the files to the URL. Pricing listed below.
  3. The Hosting: Makes the website live to the world. We charge $20 per month for most sites, and Content Management Sites are $24 per month, all billed annually.

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