by mikemonty on May 10, 2015


Embroidery is the process of taking your logo and sewing it on a garment, hat or other applicable item. Embroidery requires something called DIGITIZING. Digitizing your logo means converting it from dots per square inch (dpi) to threads per square inch so that the embroidery machine program can read it and sew it for you. Many people think because they have a high resolution logo, it can be used to embroider. It will not work. You must first digitize your logo and then it can be sewn onto an applicable garment or other item. Digitized files usually have the extension .ofm or .dst. Once your logo has been digitized it cannot be changed without having it digitized again. So be sure it is EXACTLY what you want before you digitize it. The cost to digitize a logo is $55.00 There are companies that digitize for less, but you must have a good file for the machine to sew, or your logo will not look good.

Digitize your logo: $55.00

Add embroidery to your order, per item (per time it is sewn) up to 6000 stitches

Quantity (1-50) cost $6.00 each

50-75 $5.50

76-100 $5.00

Call for any logo larger than 6000 stitches, or if you are unsure.


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