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by mikemonty on May 10, 2015

Screen printing is an old art turned craft that is one of the most widely used and accepted standards of custom apparel. When it comes to creating you the custom shirt, bag, or any other custom textile product we typically recommend screen printing because of the ability to easily replicate a design consistently without error on a mass scale. Additionally because with screen printing it takes the same amount of time to set up a small job as it would a large job, you have the added benefit of some powerful price breaks the more you order.

Our staff has decades of combined screen printing experience under there belt with hundreds, if not thousands, of completed orders for happy clients such as yourself. We pride ourselves in doing the highest quality of work and refuse to deliver any product that doesn't meet our standards. If we wouldn't sent our kids onto the baseball field with the quality of work we create your order at then we won't send it home with you until we get it right.

Screen printing is a fantastic way to get your exact idea created whether it is to help you group together your child's class field trip, to give your business an affordable and professional consistently branded workforce, or if you just have a funny idea you want to be printed on a shirt to sell to your friends. It's a great option for those who need more than one, we recommend orders be at least 12 pieces or larger for the best pricing breakdown per piece. If you only want one for a special event please reach out to us through our contact page, as we have different pricing and solutions for one-off projects.


Whether you already have your design ready to go or if you just have a general concept we can take your idea from a rough sketch to a professional print. It's important to note that screen printing designs aren't that basic. There is a bit of thought and planning that has to go into a design, especially if it's multi-color. That being said let's focus on one-color prints for a moment. Say you want your design printed with blue ink but there are areas of your design that you would like to have the shirt color show through a little bit for a nice fade. In your graphic design software you can make your art fade smoothly from 100% opacity to 0% opacity. But when you make your screen the 100% opacity area to the 70% will most likely let all the ink through, as if there was no gradual change in transparency, from 70% down to 40% it would just be splotchy, and finally 40% – 0% would simply show only the color of the shirt. You see to have a smooth fade you have to do something called a halftone, which is the utilization of small dots of varying sizes and occurrence that are thicker in areas where you want more ink and thinner in those where you want less.

Think of a black and white newspaper. Most of us have seen them, have you ever looked at a picture on one up close? You may notice that the ink used to print the paper is all one tone of black, just solid black. So how do they get the grays of the lighter areas in the pictures? With those halftones. It's expensive to use varying colors of ink for the lighter areas of the picture so to save money and time in setting up multiple plate for printing halftones are a very amazing solution. They work well in screen printing also. But if you don't know how to make one, or if you have never made one for screen printing its easy to make one with the wrong amount of dots per inch for the amount of threads per inch that are in your screen.

Let us take the guess work out of your project and make it smooth sailing for you by having us turn your design into a printable workable …

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